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Reading Reinforcement Games Book 2 - BLM

Reading Reinforcement Games Book 2 - BLM         
Author(s):Kristy McLean
RRP: $39.95
Extent:76 pages
Level: Primary - Ages 5 - 6
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All teachers recognise that children within a class are at varying levels and there is a need to provide worthwhile activities for independent work for some students while the teacher works with other children. These books address this need. The two blackline master books, Reading Reinforcement Games Book 1 and 2, each contain a broad variety of games at ascending levels of difficulty. The vocabulary used in the games increases in complexity and is drawn from the range of junior reading series.

The games can be copied onto light card and cut up to provide a broad range of games that can be easily replaced when necessary. The simplicity of the rules and challenges in each game make them very quick for the teacher to explain and easy for children to learn.

These resources give children the opportunity to practise word recognition and reading skills in a simple and enjoyable way.
Cloze Activities
Set 1:
A Yummy Picnic
My Tool Shed
Our Classroom
At The Park
At The Farm
Kate's Bedroom
Our Car
Grandma's House
Winter And Summer
Going Fishing
Set 2:
Hungry Monster
Funny Clown
Witch Surprise!
Fast And Slow
Big Fat Cat
Naughty Wolf
The Queen's New Clothes
Driving In The Rain
Up On Top
In, On, Under
The Spider And The Fly
The Cow Jumped Over The House
Sailing Away
Greedy Monster
Chocolate Charlie
The Playground
Cheeky Monkey
Balloon Trouble
Tom's Birthday Cake
Run Duck Run
Goat Trouble
Tricky Tiger
Acting Fun
Who Am I? What Am I?
Jumbled Stories:
- Game 1
- Game 2
- Game 3
- Game 4